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    Partner Search for Open Disruptive Innovation Scheme H2020-ICT 37-2014

    Published on 05 February 2014
    Author: Julian Randall, NCP ICT, Energy & Euratom - Euresearch Head Office

    An Italian SME is looking for another SME active in the handling of small consignments. The project will use RFID against the freight thefts along the supply chain.

    This project focuses on theft by truck drivers and warehouse employees of a small amounts of expensive products. An RFID technology, an innovative packaging design and a business intelligence monitoring system will be developed.

    An SME partner who is concerned with the handling of small consignments on wheels is sought to :

    • provide partners with all the information regarding the logistical procedures related to the shipping services
    • test the system, in order to prove its usability, efficiency, and compliance with specifications

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