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    Partner Offer for SEC-14-BES-2016 and SEC-21-GM-2016-2017

    Published on 18 August 2016
    Author: Joël Graf, National Contact Point Security

    An Hungarian company is offering its expertise for Horizon 2020 security topics SEC-14-BES-2016: Towards reducing the cost of technologies in land border security applications and SEC-21-GM-2016-2017: Pan European Networks of practitioners and other actors in the field of security.

    BHE Bonn Hungary is the biggest telecommunication and aerospace technology developer and manufacturing company in Hungary. It develops and manufactures RF and microwave components, subsystems, instruments and systems for mobile telecommunications, aeronautics and space industries. Amongst others, BHE developed UAV systems for border control and facility security observations.

    BHE has experience in European research projects and would like to participate in an existing or new consortium.

    Contact details and more information for SEC-14-BES-2016
    Contact details and more information for SEC-21-GM-2016-2017