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    Open Call for Transnational Access to High-Flux Solar Research Facilities

    Published on 23 December 2015
    Author: Nicole Wyss, National Contact Point European Research Infrastructures

    The "SFERA" Partners: CIEMAT, CNRS, PSI, UAL-CIESOL and ENEA provide access to their state-of-the-art high-flux solar research facilities, unique in Europe and in the world.

    This opportunity is offered for high-quality research in the following areas:

    • Solar thermal electricity generation: thermodynamic cycles, receivers, thermal storage, concentrating optics, control algorithms, etc.
    • Solar production of benign chemical energy carriers: H2, Syngas, etc.
    • Cycles for chemical storage of solar energy: ZnO, etc.
    • Solar water treatment: desalination, disinfection, detoxification
    • Research in basic phenomena and nano-material production processes: fullerenes, C-nanotubes, ceramics, etc.
    • Knowledge-based high-added-value material synthesis: ceramics, glass, etc.
    • High-flux photochemistry and photo-physics
    • Basic knowledge of materials behaviour and aging under extreme conditions

    Deadline for the submission of proposals: 31 January 2016.

    SFERA2 Website with Conditions for Application