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    Partner Search for ICT-20, Technology for Learning and Teaching

    Published on 27 January 2015
    Author: Emile Dupont, Innovation and Technology Consultant

    An Italian institution submitting to the ICT topic ICT-20-2015: “Technologies for better human learning and teaching” targeting students and problem solving in physics and mathematics with innovative methods is seeking R&D partners, industrial partners for pre-commercialisation as well as user-groups.

    The project aims at the development of a smart learning environment (accessible through a Web Platform) based on Didactical Scenarios accessible across an urban area. These Didactical Scenarios are supported by contents and services managed by a Knowledge Management platform.

    Access to contents, via mobile devices, is enhanced with Augmented Reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and Natural Interaction Technologies.

    The tool is intended for students and should help them solving traditional physics or mathematical problems by means of non traditional innovative and smart approach.

    The main objectives of the project are:

    • to develop a smart learning environment
    • to enrich user’s experience
    • to design Didactical Scenarios accessible across an urban area
    • to develop a Web Platform accessible via mobile devices
    • to create a network of user-groups all over Europe

    The consortium involves an Italian research centre and a French University that will submit a proposal to the call ICT-20-2015.

    Partners sought:
    1. R&D partner for technology-enhanced learning based on AR and IoT
    2. R&D partner for development on mobile
    3. Industry for pre-commercialisation of pedagogical scenarios.
    4. User-groups (cultural field), all over Europe

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