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    Partner Search for Health Topic PHC-28-2015

    Published on 28 January 2015
    Author: Cornelia Spycher, National Contact Point

    Partner Search for PHC-28-2015 "Self-management of health and disease and decision support systems based on predictive computer modelling used by the patient him or herself". Wanted: expertise in cancer epidemiology, patient information platforms, and/or mobile applications for patients.

    A German research organisation specialised in development of user-centered cooperative information systems coordinates a PHC-28-2015 proposal.

    The aim is to develop a portal for patients and doctors to provide personalised support for cancer treatment and to address the participation of the patient:

    Type and role of partner wanted:

    1. Organisation with experience in cancer epidemiology (e.g., modelling patients, their lifestyle and the relationship to their health status).

    2. Provider of a patient information portal or patient organisation with access to patient data concerning health status before, during or after cancer treatment and data relating lifestyle and the health status of the patient.

    3. Provider of applications for mobile health to develop tools that empower the patient for the management of his health. The partner should develop mobile apps to collect medical, physiological, lifestyle or environmental data. These should be accessible by the patient at any time and will be used to correlate with data from clinicians.

    The coordinator seeks at least two additional non-German partners, research institutions or SMEs.

    For more information read here and contact