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    Testimonials & Success Stories


    Swiss companies from very diverse industries and areas of expertise are successfully working in European R&D projects. 

    Do you want to learn more about individual stories? Then have a look at these examples: 

    • The challenge of the DiePeR project is to apply advanced technologies for combustion and exhaust aftertreatment to existing Diesel engines. CO2 and noxious emissions are not sufficiently reduced in real driving, while higher injection pressures have led to a shift towards the emission of smaller nanoparticles that are undetected by current certification procedures. DiePeR aims to reduce emissions (more than half of emitted particles including particles < 23nm) and fuel consumption (more than 5% reduction). Watch the video to learn more about the project, in English or German. (FPT Motorenforschung AG)
    • The Horizon 2020 project “SCISSOR” (Security in Trusted SCADA and Smart-Grids) aims to keep such critical infrastructure as power stations and dams safe from hacking and environmental disruption.
    • ICT-STREAMS aims to increase server-board density and throughput by >400% & 1600% respectively, with a 10 fold reduced energy consumption. Watch also this video to learn more about the project, in English or German. (Vario-Optics AG)
    • PERFoRM develops new manufacturing concepts that transform existing production management systems into so-called “plug & produce” systems (PARO AG)
    • CAPPELLA brought together SMEs and academic groups to develop new drugs for cancer therapy.  (Evolva SA)
    • The COSIT project develops a new kind of integrated high-power single-frequency terahertz source for terahertz imaging applications. (Rainbow Photonics AG)
    • In QCOALA, eight companies and three research institutions work together to develop an innovative laser welding process. (Flisom AG)
    • The members of the FLUIDGLASS project imagine a building where heating, cooling, window shades and insulation are all integrated into its facade. (GlassX AG)
    • BRIDGE develops technical and organisational solutions that significantly improve crisis and emergency management, to increase safety of citizens. (VersuchsStollen Hagerbach AG)
    • Funding received for multiple projects in a competitive, international environment. (PolyGene AG)
    • Horizon is a 6-months Innovation in SME project (phase 1). Horizon is a retractable folding solar roof that can be utilised in already commercially exploited spaces such as wastewater treatment plants, parking lots, storage and logistics facilities (video). Based on this the company wins also the SME phase 2 project. (dhp Technology, Start-up company)
    • The first quantum random number generators (QRNG) was developed in 2001 by the Geneva-based company ID Quantique, now part of the project QRANGE, aiming to advance this technology together with 8 partners.


    Did you know that many Swiss companies are successfully involved in European research and innovation projects ?

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