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    Templates for the Open Health Call on the Participant Portal are Updated

    Published on 06 November 2015
    Author: Sasha Hugentober, NCP Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing

    Always use the latest proposal template and clinical trial template as they have just been updated.

    Please note that guidance documents were updated. Therefore please always use the latest version. In particular changes to the proposal templates and self-evaluation forms (see templates and forms 2016/17) have been made to align with the revised wording of the "aspects to be taken into account" for the three evaluation criteria, which are set out in General Annex H of the Work Programme.

    The template for clinical trials has also been updated. All templates can be downloaded on the Participant Portal.

    Consortium members must be encoded in Part A at stage 1 of a two stage call. Therefore, the short table of applicants on the Part B cover page is no longer needed for stage 1 proposals.