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    Swiss Quantum Day on 4 May, Bern - Save the Date!

    Published on 30 March 2017
    Author: Francesco Kienzle, National Contact Point FET

    Quantum-based technologies has gained attention and investments in the past years and is impacting the vivid Swiss research and innovation community in the area. On May 4 in Bern the Swiss Quantum Day will present the future European FET Flagship initiative on Quantum Technology. The contribution and impact on the Swiss Research and Innovation landscape will be discussed by prominent researchers, startups and industrial actors active in the field.

    Research and technology based on quantum mechanics has gained momentum and attracted funding from both the public and private sector in the past years. This impacted also the Swiss large and vibrant research and innovation community in quantum technologies (ex. Swiss Quantum innitiative).

    The future European FET Flagship initiative on quantum technology aims at harnessing and coordinating the effort at the European scale and will open new opportunities for the Swiss actors. The Swiss Quantum Day aims at preparing the Swiss stakeholders to the Flagship, gathering researchers, companies and government bodies in the field. The event will inform on the Flagship initiative and expose Swiss research and innovation excellence. The interplay of national and European instruments will be discussed with contributions from the European Commission, the UK and the Netherlands.

    Save the date and book your seat.