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    Smart Farming Platform Needs Farmers, Technologies and Benchmarking

    Published on 20 July 2018
    Author: National Contact Point Information & Communication Technologies

    A consortium applying to DT-ICT-08-2019: Agricultural digital integration platforms (deadline 14 Nov 2018) will develop a technological platform integrating data collection, robotics and decision support and is looking for research partners.

    The SMARTFARMS consortium will develop a technological platform for the ICT topic DT-ICT-08-2019: Agricultural digital integration platforms (deadline 14 Nov 2018).

    The following partners are needed: Farmer's organisations, organisation responsible for Agricultural standards and regulatory policy, companies producing IoT network devices and systems for data collection, SME related to agriculture process management, control and decision support systems, institutes familiar with processes to improve agriculture results.

    Following skills are asked for the consortium:

    1. Farmers organisations like Networks of farmers for specific agriculture products.
    2. Organisations supplying advisory services and new knowledge dissemination service to farmers
    3. Developers of agriculture-related technologies, processes and methods supporting agriculture
    4. University/company experts in interoperability and openness of architectures and standards for interconnection between systems.
    5. University/Research centers experts in the development of new concepts for benchmarking and information on the effectiveness of new technologies for agriculture.
    6. Experts in agriculture related DSS decision support .
    7. Experts in agriculture process support systems, irrigation control and data collection.
    8. Big European distributor/manufacturer of agriculture supporting systems and equipment.

    All details are available here