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    Register your Centre of Excellence into the Cybersecurity Atlas by 15 February 2018

    Published on 02 February 2018
    Author: Agnes Szeberenyi, National Contact Point Health & ICT

    "Cybersecurity & Digital Privacy" unit of DG CONNECT launched a survey, asking potential European centres of excellence/expertise in cybersecurity to register and provide information before 15 February 2018. The results will be translated into a "Cybersecurity Atlas" that will be made publicly available.

    Context: It is in the EU's strategic interest to ensure that the EU retains and develops the essential capacities to secure its digital economy, society and democracy. To achieve that the EU needs to make a better use of its research and innovation capacities spread across the EU.

    In its September 2017 Joint Communication "Resilience, Deterrence and Defence: Building strong cybersecurity for the EU" the European Commission announced the intention to support the creation of a network of cybersecurity competence centres to stimulate the development and deployment of technology in cybersecurity.

    As a first step in this direction, the European Commission is conducting a mapping of the existing centres of expertise in the field of cybersecurity (e.g. university department, research centre, etc). The results of this mapping will be translated into a "Cybersecurity Atlas" (an index of existing EU cybersecurity Centres) that will be made publicly available. This Atlas aims at becoming a valuable tool and a reference for the cybersecurity community to look for potential partners and pool resources.

    Scope of the Survey: The Commission is calling on all cybersecurity competence centres across the EU, whether public or private, to register their organisations and share information about their work and expertise.

    How to register your organisation: The registration tool allows your organisation to share information about your cybersecurity work, expertise as well as your contact details.

    Filling in the survey should take between 20 minutes and one hour depending on the level of details you wish to share. The registration tool will be open until 15 February 2018. We thank you for your cooperation! Please do not hesitate to share information about the registration tool with your partners and any other relevant stakeholders!

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