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    Protecting Critical Water Systems Infrastructure: Various Expertise Sought For Proposal

    Published on 17 August 2016
    Author: Francesco Kienzle, National Contact Point ICT

    A consortium preparing a proposal for the security topic CIP-01-2016-2017, in the area of water systems utilities is searching for partners with skills in: access control, security policy and standards, radar and CCTV experts, natural disaster modelling and prediction, SCADA system manufacturing as well as water operators and civil protection organisation.

    MIPCI project aims to increase the security level in Critical Infrastructures of utilities in water systems. The purpose of this project is developing an integral platform that protects the infrastructures from both physical and cyber-attacks. The proposal will be submitted to the security topic CIP-01-2016-2017: Prevention, detection, response and mitigation of the combination of physical and cyber threats to the critical infrastructure of Europe.

    Consortium partners are sought in the area of:

    • Water operators
    • Access control experts
    • Security policy and standards
    • Radar experts
    • CCTV experts
    • Civil protection organisation
    • Natural disaster modelling and prediction experts
    • SCADA system manufacturer

    Full details or reply to partner search on the Ideal-Ist partner Search platform.