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    Partner Search for Design and Production of Functional Textiles

    Published on 25 October 2018
    Author: Cornelia Spycher, National Contact Point for NMBP

    Coordinator is looking for industrial partners who have been involved in projects around the themes of design and production of functional textiles.

    A German research institute is developing a proposal for the DT-FOF-05-2019 call on "Open Innovation for collaborative production engineering".
    The aim of the project is the reduction of lead times in production of functional textiles.

    The consortium is looking for:

    • fashion brands: wide product range, clothing sector, expertise in the design of product ranges;
    • software manufacturers who are able to create digital images/twins: use of avatars (image of a human being);
    • fashion designers: expertise in customising products through features / design;
    • prefabricators of textiles / companies in the “cut-and-sew” industry: expertise in the processing of textiles into finished product (for example by sewing).

    Expression of interest deadline to this Partner Search is 31 October 2018.

    For further information contact