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    Partners for SFS-35-2017: Innovative Solution for Sustainable Food Packaging

    Published on 19 April 2016
    Author: Gerhard Gass, National Contact Point SMEs

    Companies sought: Distillates and by-products, Chemical characterisation of by-products, Process optimisation.

    A local Food and Nutrition cluster is gathering a EU consortium to submit a project under the call Sustainable Food Security (SFS-35-2017: Innovative solution for sustainable food packaging). The deadline of this Innovation Action (IA) is 14 February 2017.

    The project aims at valorising the deodorisation distillate (condensate) produced during the refinery process of vegetable oil into biopolymers which can be used for food contact applications such as food packaging.

    The consortium is almost complete with 8 partners from 5 countries but they are looking for  a company (Non French) with the following competences:

    • Pretreatment of distillates and by-products
    • Production and chemical characterization of by-products
    • Purification and process optimization

    Please contact:

    Laurent VOLLE
    EEN Eastern France