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    Partner Search for NMBP-13-2017

    Published on 25 August 2016
    Author: Cornelia Spycher, National Contact Point for NMBP

    Wanted is an university with expertise in the design of pilot systems, a hospital of pathogen diseases to run the testing and SMEs with expertise in diagnostics for producing the system.

    A team from a Greek research centre is preparing a proposal for the Horizon 2020 topic NMBP-13-2017 with call deadline on 19 January 2017:

    Cross-cutting KETs for diagnostic at the point-of-care

    The focus of this project is on further development into a clinical setting of novel MNBS (Micro-Nano–Bio integrated System) platforms, techniques and systems that have already been proven in a laboratory setting. The main technology of the proposed platform(s) will be based on the use of plasma nanotextured microfluidics and its application for diagnostics in point of care, aiming to capture cells such as bacteria in highly efficient manner, DNA amplification and DNA purification. Additionally, modules will be connected with detectors/sensors for diagnostics.

    More Information

    Contact for expression of interest with deadline 31 October 2016