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    Partner Search for Horizon 2020 Topic FOF-07-2017

    Published on 27 October 2016
    Author: Cornelia Spycher, National Contact Point NMBP

    UK-based university seeks SME consortium partners to develop and incorporate laser technology into multi-material product manufacturing.

    A UK-based university wants to submit a project to topic FOF-07-2017 with call deadline on 17 January 2017.
    Sought expertise: SMEs working in the Factories of the Future field with experience of working in the multi-material processing as well as cloud infrastructure and metrology. Expressions of interest from SMEs in the following areas are especially welcome:

    1. End user in the aerospace sector with a strong composite focus
    2. End user in the automotive sector with a strong composite focus
    3. End user in the marine sector with a strong composite focus
    4. A systems integrator that will build the demonstrator (modular design concept)
    5. Cyber Security Company protecting the control of the system in the cloud
    6. Inline non destructive testing and sensor process control of the demonstrator (Micro Epsilon)
    7. A company involved in simulation of the manufacturing cycle focusing on hybrid structures and developing new manufacturing system (composite/ metals)

    Interested? See more information and contact Emile Dupont. Deadline for expression of interest on 2 December 2016.