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    Partner Search for Developers of Apps or Wearable Devices in the Field of Health & Wellbeing

    Published on 17 December 2015
    Author: Francesco Kienzle, National Contact Point ICT

    Developers of apps or wearable devices with experience in health and life style data management are sought for a proposal SC1-PM-18–2016 "Big Data supporting Public Health policies".

    Developers of apps or wearable devices (such as fitness and activity trackers) with experience in health and life style data collection, storage, integration, that can support the prototype by making at disposal anonymous data from their systems about health and life styles, such as fitness activities, food consumption, nutrient intake, etc.

    The partner will represent an essential data source for the prototype developing. The partner will be asked to participate actively in the phases of selection and analysis of the available data. Moreover, they will provide the technical support to guarantee the export of their data, for the next integration, transformation, extraction through big data processing engines, such as Hadoop.

    The proposal will be submitted to SC1-PM-18-2016: Big Data supporting Public Health policies

    More Information on the Ideal-Ist Partner Search PS-IT-98220