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    Partner Search for Call "Digital Security: Cybersecurity, Privacy and Trust" DS-3-2015

    Published on 28 July 2015
    Author: Emile Dupont, Innovation Advisor for EEN Switzerland

    End-User is sought for the Call DS-3-2015 to investigate the dependencies on communication networks and ICT components.

    An end-user is sought to complete a consortium, lead by a Swiss SME, that plans to apply to call DS-3-2015: The role of ICT in Critical Infrastructure Protection (deadline 27 August 2015).

    The aim of this project is to develop SCADA networks based on advanced security measures providing end-to-end security between members, in order to make "Resilient and robust communication networks offering a reduced attack surface to the supported critical infrastructures" in the words of the call. In so much as it aims to "[Reduce] possibilities to misuse ICT as a vehicle to commit cybercrime or cyberterrorism", this work will support the work of the European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection (EPCIP).

    Concretely, the project will provide increasing layers of security, which can be easily upgraded according to the clients' changing needs.

    The end-user will work together with ATOS (Spain) to design and implement a pilot scheme in order to test how the system performs in a real network. The upgrades will be tested to check that loss of functionality is kept to a minimum. ATOS will also suggest a technical and business road map, as a route to a marketable product.

    Please contact Emile Dupont at Euresearch for more information.

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