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    Partner Search for Big Data-driven Decision Support System for Short-term Operations of Electrical Distribution Grids

    Published on 17 December 2015
    Author: Stefan Fischer, National Contact Point Energy

    A consortium in dynamic electrical grid management searches for partner for validation and testing in the area of: distribution system operators, smart meter infrastructure providers, energy services for heat storages, smart appliances, home energy management, distributed renewables, distribution utility / power supply, operator for renewable generation, operator of virtual power plants and microgrids.

    The objective of the proposal is the development of a big data-driven monitoring and decision support system levering advanced analytics for short-term and dynamic operations of electrical distribution grids.

    The proposal will be submitted to the Competitive Low-Carbon Energy Topic LCE-02-2016: Demonstration of smart grid, storage and system integration technologies with increasing share of renewables: distribution system

    Partners for validation and testing only are required for the use cases:

    • Distribution system operators
    • Provider of smart meter infrastructure
    • Energy services for (heat) storages, smart appliances, home energy management, distributed renewables
    • Distribution utility / power supply
    • Operator for renewable generation
    • Operator of virtual power plants and microgrids

    Further details available on the Ideal-Ist Partner Search PS-IE-98211