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    Partner Search: Coordinator Sought For Horizon 2020 Health SC1-PM-10-2017

    Published on 12 August 2016
    Author: Mathilde Vivot, NCP Health, Demographic Change & Wellbeing

    The foundation for the research and innovation from Asturias, Spain is looking for a coordinator for the proposal H2020 SC1-PM-10-2017 "Comparing the effectiveness of existing healthcare interventions in Cancer patients" that will be submitted to 1st stage deadline on 4 October 2016. The proposal's idea and the work packages have been already developped. The deadline for the partner search is the 31 August 2016.

    This project aims to compare the use of currently available preventive or therapeutic (pharmacological and/or non-pharmacological) healthcare interventions in adults suffering from cancer. The project will strive to provide a scientific and research basis for a better implementation of healthcare interventions targeted at oncological diagnosis patients in different countries.

    This project seeks to:

    • improve interventions and decision making, with a particular focus on discontinuous interventions which are less effective or less cost-effective than others.
    • develop a tool that predicts the most suitable methodology based on methods that are suitable and cost-effective. A comprehensive array of clinical and safety parameters, as well as health and socio-economic outcomes (e.g. quality of life, patient mortality, morbidity, costs and performance of the health systems) will be assessed.

    By comparing the most innovative approaches in the National Cancer Control Programmes (NCCPs) in EU countries and their focus on impacts on patients, the project will bring novel effective and cost-saving tools for healthcare interventions.

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