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    Partner Offer for H2020 DS-02-2016 Cyber Security

    Published on 31 May 2016
    Author: Joël Graf, National Contact Point Security

    An Israeli company is looking for partners interested in Horizon 2020 DS-02-2016: Cyber Security for SMEs, local public administration and individuals.

    The company specialises in software-as-a-service, allowing anyone to share a file, execute transactions or sign a contract, securely.

    The goals of the proposed project are:

    • to determine compelling use cases for application of SC Data technology for SMEs, local public administration and individuals
    • to test these use cases with selected SMEs, local public administration and individuals with the help of public organisations representing their needs and
    • to disseminate the results.

    Partners for establishing a consortium include:

    • Industrial providers of software-based IT products
    • Public organisations representing digital security needs
    • Other members for proof-of-concept trials

    The project still needs a coordinator. 

    Visit for further information the European Marketplace for Technology and Innovation.