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    Open Call for Transnational Access to High-Flux Solar Research Facilities

    Published on 26 September 2016
    Author: Nicole Wyss, National Contact Point European Research Infrastructures

    The CIEMAT, CNRS, PSI, UAL-CIESOL and ENEA sites provide access to their state-of-the-art high-flux solar research facilities.

    Concentrated solar power is a very promising renewable source of energy. The best known application so far is bulk electricity generation through thermodynamic cycles, but other applications have also been demonstrated, such as production of hydrogen and solar fuels, water treatment and research in advanced materials.

    Free of charge access is offered for high-quality research and industry in the following areas:

    • Solar thermal electricity generation: thermodynamic cycles, receivers, thermal storage, concentrating optics, control algorithms, etc.
    • Solar production of benign chemical energy carriers: H2, Syngas, etc.
    • Cycles for chemical storage of solar energy: ZnO, etc.
    • Solar water treatment: desalination, disinfection, detoxification
    • Research in basic phenomena and nano-material production processes: fullerenes, C-nanotubes, ceramics, etc.
    • Knowledge-based high-added-value material synthesis: ceramics, glass, etc.
    • High-flux photo-chemistry and photo-physics
    • Basic knowledge of materials behaviour and aging under extreme conditions


    Deadline for the submission of proposals: 31 January 2017.


    SFERA II website

    Conditions for Application to Transnational Access