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    New Partner Search for Health Topic PHC-28-2015

    Published on 04 February 2015
    Author: Cornelia Spycher, National Contact Point

    Wanted: expertise in predictive computer modelling and clinical settings for pilot trials and evaluation of outcome of the project.

    A Greek research company with in-depth knowledge in novel e-service solutions targeting the healthcare sector is looking for research partners in order to apply for H2020 PHC-28-2015:
    "Self management of health and disease and decision support systems based on predictive computer modelling used by the patient him or herself."

    The focal pathology will be diabetes type II, characterized with multiple comorbidities often of severe nature afflicting vital parameters. Additionally diabetes prevention would have to be supported from the same system/platform hence allowing for a holistic condition self-management.

    Tasks to be performed:
    Evaluation of the outcome of the project as well as clinical pilot trials. The partners involved would also compile evidence on the basis of quantitative and qualitative indicators, for a validated model of care management on the concept of personalised medicine. It has to be used by policy makers and decision makers in making improvements to health and care systems.

    For more information read here and contact