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    Large Data Set Provider for Big Data Proposal

    Published on 20 December 2016
    Author: Francesco Kienzle, National Contact Point ICT

    A consortium submitting to the Big Data topic ICT-16-2017 is seeking industrial partners providing large and complex European data sets. The partner should in particular: harvest the large business data set, formulate the business problem and opportunities, define expected performance, define and provide an experimental environment etc.

    A consortium preparing a proposal for "ICT-16-2017: Big data PPP: research addressing main technology challenges of the data economy" is searching for an industrial partner who provides an "extremely large and realistically complex European data sets".

    The partner:

    • produces or harvests as part of its core business extremely large data sets;
    • can provide a precise definition of one or more data-related business problem(s) or opportunity(ies) that cannot be addressed with existing technology;
    • can provide a credible projection of the performance parameters required to address that problem/opportunity in the medium term (around 2022);
    • has the ability to bring its data assets in an environment in which the other members of the consortium can freely experiment;
    • has, where applicable, a well-defined corporate process that protects the commercial confidentiality of its data assets as they are made available for researchers to experiment.

    Further details and the expression of interest form are available on the Ideal-Ist platform.