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    Korea – Switzerland Call for Joint R&D Project Outlines in EUREKA

    Published on 08 April 2015
    Author: Andreas Gut, EUREKA National Project Coordinator Chairman, SERI

    Korea and Switzerland are announcing a bilateral call for joint R&D project outlines, focusing on developing innovative products and applications in market oriented technological and application areas.

    Applicants are expected to develop ready to market solutions or projects, which have a significant market potential for Korea and Switzerland.

    • The call is announced within the framework of the Declaration of Intent on Call for Proposal among the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology KIAT, the Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI and the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI.
    • Korea and Switzerland are members of the EUREKA initiative and support innovation projects through the different EUREKA instruments. The call is managed in cooperation and in line with the international procedures of EUREKA.
    • KIAT, CTI and SERI will provide access to public funding for joint projects. They will also provide all necessary and coordinated assistance to project partners during project proposal, evaluation and monitoring phase.

    Deadline for submission is 19 June 2015.

    More information about this call and the contacts in Switzerland:

    Colette John-Grant
    Phone : +41 58 464 91 43

    Andreas Gut
    Phone : +41 58 462 11 07

    Arlette Frener
    Phone : +41 58 464 91 25