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    Joint Call on Industrial Technology

    Published on 10 December 2015
    Author: Gerhard Gass

    A cooperation between ERA-IB-2 (ERA-Net Industrial Biotechnology 2) and ERASynBio and ERA-MBT (ERA-Net Marine Biotechnology).

    ERA-IB-2 (ERA-Net Industrial Biotechnology 2) launches, in cooperation with ERASynBio and ERA-MBT (ERA-Net Marine Biotechnology), a seventh international joint call for multilateral research projects using Industrial Biotechnology (IB). The main purpose of this call is to generate joint European research and development activities and to stimulate and unify researchers and academics specialised in the area of Industrial Biotechnology to work closely together and share funding and research projects. Through the collaboration between these three ERA-nets more funding will be available and the geographical coverage is expanded.

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