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    Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI): Information about Future Topics

    Published on 10 January 2019
    Author: Sasha Hugentobler, National Contact Point Health, Demographic Change & Wellbeing

    You will find the latest information about the topics under consideration for inclusion in future IMI calls for proposals in the longer term.

    To give potential applicants as much time as possible to form consortia and prepare their proposals, IMI regularly publishes information on possible future topics well in advance of the official call launch.

    IMI’s next calls for proposals are currently planned for 22.01.2019 and 26.06.2019. These dates are indicative and may change.

    The list includes topics in the fields of neurodegeneration; immunology; infection control; translational safety; big data, digital health, clinical trials and regulatory research; oncology; advanced therapies; other research enablers.

    Please be aware that the topics may change considerably. However, we hope that this list will give you a useful glimpse into what is under development in the longer term, and provide additional time to enhance your network.

    Future Topics