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    Innovative Medicines Initative 2 (IMI2) - Call 13 is Open

    Published on 30 November 2017
    Author: Agnes Szeberenyi, Scientific Advisor

    Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) has launched Call 13 for proposals covering diabetes, antimicrobial resistance, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and medicines safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding, to name just a few. The total budget of the Call is EUR 223 million, around half of which comes from the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, and half of which comes from EFPIA companies and IMI Associated Partners.

    The full list of topics: 

    • Topic 1: Assessment of the uniqueness of diabetic cardiomyopathy relative to other forms of heart failure using unbiased pheno-mapping approaches
    • Topic 2: Genome-environment interactions in inflammatory skin disease
    • Topic 3: The value of diagnostics to combat antimicrobial resistance by optimising antibiotic use
    • Topic 4: Mitochondrial dysfunction in neurodegeneration
    • Topic 5: Support and coordination action for the projects in the neurodegeneration area of the Innovative Medicines Initiative
    • Topic 6: A sustainable European induced pluripotent stem cell platform
    • Topic 7: Linking digital assessment of mobility to clinical endpoints to support regulatory acceptance and clinical practice
    • Topic 8: Human tumour microenvironment immunoprofiling
    • Topic 9: ConcePTION – Continuum of evidence from pregnancy exposures, reproductive toxicology and breastfeeding to improve outcomes now
    • Topic 10: Improving the preclinical prediction of adverse effects of pharmaceuticals on the nervous system
    • Topic 11: Translational safety biomarker pipeline (TransBioLine): Enabling development and implementation of novel safety biomarkers in clinical trials and diagnosis of diseases

    Pilot programme on a clinical compound bank for repurposing

    • Topic 12: Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes
    • Topic 13: Respiratory diseases
    • Topic 14: Neurodegenerative diseases
    • Topic 15: Rare/orphan diseases

    IMI is holding webinars on all Call topics as well as our rules and procedures and opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises.

    To sign up, visit webinars

    Deadline for submitting short proposals: 28 February 2018