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    IMI2 Topic Specific Webinars to Learn What Will Be Funded: Register Now!

    Published on 11 June 2019
    Author: Sasha Hugentobler, National Contact Point Health, Demographic Change & Wellbeing

    The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) will hold webinars on IMI2 – Call 18 & 19 from 14 June to 26 June 2019 to inform you in detail what type of proposals can be submitted.

    All webinars on the call topics will feature a presentation by the EFPIA topic coordinator and time for questions and answers. The webinars represent an excellent opportunity to learn more about the call topics, interact directly with the topic coordinators, and get in touch with potential project partners.

    The webinar on IMI’s rules and procedures will include presentations of IMI's intellectual property policy and tips on the preparation of proposal submissions. IMI will also hold a dedicated webinar for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This will cover elements of the different call topics that may be of particular relevance for SMEs, as well as a presentation of IMI’s rules and procedures with a focus on aspects that are most important for SMEs.

    Topic specific webinars for IMI2 – Call 18 on:

    • Central repository of digital pathology slides to support the development of artificial intelligence tools, 14 June, 11:00
    • Health Outcomes Observatories : Empower Patients with tools to measure their Outcomes in a standardised manner creating transparency of Health Outcomes, 17 June, 11:00
    • Accelerating R&D for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, 19 June, 14:00
    • Improving Patient Access, Understanding, and Adherence to Healthcare Information: an integrated digital health information project, 21 June, 11:00
    • Establishing international standards in the analysis of patient reported outcomes and health-related quality of life data in cancer clinical trials, 24 June, 11:00
    • Supporting the development of Chimeric Antigen receptor T cells, 25 June, 11:00
    • Webinar on IMI2-Call 19 (Restricted Call), 26 June, 11:00

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