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    IMI Launched New Call for Proposals

    Published on 30 January 2020
    Author: Nicole Wyss, National Contact Point Health

    The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) has launched its 20th Call for proposals on 21 January 2020. It is a standard, two-stage call for proposals. Deadline for stage one is 21 April 2020.

    The new call includes the following topics:

    • Early diagnosis, prediction of radiographic outcomes and development of rational, personalised treatment strategies to improve long-term outcomes in psoriatic arthritis
    • Innovations to accelerate vaccine development and manufacture
    • Academia and industry united innovation and treatment for tuberculosis (UNITE4TB)
    • Tumour plasticity
    • Proton versus photon therapy for oesophageal cancer – a trimodality strategy
    • Handling of protein drug products and stability concerns

    The rules and details of how to apply can be found via the call pages of the IMI website.

    IMI runned webinars to inform about the open topics. You can find the recordings and presentations here.