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    Horizon 2020 Security Calls Online Training, Info Day, and Brokerage Event

    Published on 22 April 2020
    Author: Joël Graf, National Contact Point Security

    Applicants for the upcoming Horizon 2020 Security calls can participate in a dedicated training (28 April) as well as in an info day and brokerage event (12 May), all available online.

    These virtual events are organised by the network of National Contact Points for Security (SEREN).

    The training on 28 April focuses on the security scrutiny procedure as well as on the handling of classified information (morning) and cybersecurity issues (afternoon).

    The info day on 12 May (morning) addresses the involvement of end-users and practitioners in security projects and the expertise from the social sciences and humanities.

    The brokerage event on 12 May (afternoon) includes presentations by project coordinators and the opportunity of matchmaking sessions.

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