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    Fit for Health 2.0 Platform Decommissioning

    Published on 09 November 2017
    Author: Agnes Szeberenyi, Scientific Advisor Health

    After four years of supporting SMEs and academia participation in Horizon 2020, the euMatch database and matchmaking services terminated on 31 October 2017.

    As an alternative, a general partnering tool for all parts of Horizon 2020 published by the European Commission is now available on the participant portal.

    Moreover, you have the possibility to increase your visibility via the Biotechgate-Database a business development database for the Life Science Industry.

    The Fit for Health 2.0 platform had currently 14 986 registered users, and during the last four years, 1 148 collaborations were initiated through the platform between SMEs, academia, research organisations, hospitals and other health research organisations from which 618 developed joint applications in the Horizon 2020 Health programme Calls.