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    Encouraged SME Participation in Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Proposals

    Published on 31 January 2018
    Author: Agnes Szeberenyi, National Contact Point Health & ICT

    IMI2 has published dedicated documents and webinars encouraging SME participation.

    In the context of the strategy of Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 to provide as much as possible support to SMEs willing to participation in IMI2, IMI2 has published:

    • a list of SMEs interested in the IMI2 call 13 topics. This also highlights what participating SMEs would bring to different topics in terms of resources, expertise, etc. Presentation of the SME webinars are accessible on the IMI2 website. 
    • the most recent funding opportunities for SMEs and prepared an abstract of the specific opportunities for SMEs in the proposed IMI2 call 14 currently under consultation. Download the ppt presentation and documents from the IMI2 SRG platform.