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    Publication of the Horizon 2020 Euratom Work Programme 2019-2020

    Published on 16 January 2019
    Author: Stefan Fischer, National Contact Point Euratom

    The Euratom WP 2019-2020 with 17 topics in the call "Nuclear Fission and Radiation Protection Research" has been published.

    In October 2018 the Council of the European Union adopted the regulation extending the Euratom Programme for 2019-2020. 17 topics in the call "Nuclear Fission and Radiation Protection Research" have now been published.

    A budget of €133.9 million has been allocated to the following topics:

    • NFRP-2019-2020-01: Ageing phenomena of components and structures and operational issues (RIA)
    • NFRP-2019-2020-02: Safety assessments for Long Term Operation (LTO) upgrades of Generation II and III reactors (RIA)
    • NFRP-2019-2020-03: Safety margins determination for design basis-exceeding external hazards (RIA)
    • NFRP-2019-2020-04: Innovation for Generation II and III reactors (IA)
    • NFRP-2019-2020-05: Support for safety research of Small Modular Reactors (RIA)
    • NFRP-2019-2020-06: Safety Research and Innovation for advanced nuclear systems (RIA)
    • NFRP-2019-2020-07: Safety Research and Innovation for Partitioning and/or Transmutation (RIA)
    • NFRP-2019-2020-08: Towards joint European effort in area of nuclear materials (CSA)
    • NFRP-2019-2020-09: Fostering innovation in decommissioning of nuclear facilities (IA)
    • NFRP-2019-2020-10: Developing pre-disposal activities identified in the scope of the European Joint Programme in Radioactive Waste Management (RIA)
    • NFRP-2019-2020-11: Advancing nuclear education (CSA)
    • NFRP-2019-2020-12: Further integrating Radiation Protection research in the EU (RIA)
    • NFRP-2019-2020-13: Research roadmap for medical applications of ionising radiation (CSA) 
    • NFRP-2019-2020-14: Improving low-dose radiation risk appraisal in medicine (RIA)
    • NFRP-2019-2020-15: Optimised fuels for production of medical radioisotopes (RIA)
    • NFRP-2019-2020-16: Roadmap for use of Euratom access rights to Jules Horowitz Reactor experimental capacity (CSA)
    • NFRP-2019-2020-17: Optimised use of European research reactors (CSA)

    The opening date is 15 May 2019 and the deadline for submission of proposals is 25 September 2019.

    You can find the respective Work Programme here.