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    Business Experiments in Cyber Physical Production Systems

    Published on 10 November 2016
    Author: Francesco Kienzle, National Contact Point ICT

    The second call for integration of Cyber-Physical-System (CPS) modules in manufacturing processes will focus on CPS for Product Lifecycle and End-of-Life Management, Factory Logistics Management, Zero Defect Manufacturing, Predictive maintenance and CPS Modelling and simulation.

    BEinCPPS is funded under Horizon 2020 and addresses ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs through small-scale experiments in Cyber-Physical-System (CPS) based manufacturing.

    The current call will address the following areas:

    1. CPS-based Product Lifecycle and End-of-Life Management.
    2. CPS-based Factory Logistics Management.
    3. CPS-based Zero Defect Manufacturing.
    4. CPS Predictive maintenance.
    5. CPS Modelling and simulation.

    The presence in the consortium of a manufacturing SME providing the experimentation facilities is mandatory.

    Proposal deadline is 15 December 2016
    Maximum funding request: 120’000 EUR

    More details on the call

    A webinar on that call is foreseen on 11 November 2016