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    Yes, we can!

    Switzerland and the European Commission have found a solution for Swiss participation in Horizon 2020 in the form of a so-called "partial association". The association is partial because it is mainly limited to Pillar I (Excellent Science). For Pillar II (Industrial Leadership) and Pillar III (Societal Challenges), Switzerland remains a "Third Country".

    But what does this mean? Can we participate in Horizon 2020? Yes, we can!

    European Research Infrastructures in Horizon 2020

    Research infrastructures are the backbone of scientific communities. Whereas one usually thinks of big infrastructures in the physical sciences, the definition is much broader. They comprise facilities, resources and services that are used by research communities to conduct research and foster innovation.

    They include major scientific equipment or sets of instruments, knowledge-based resources (such as collections, archives or scientific data), e-infrastructures (such as data and computing systems and communication networks), and any other infrastructure essential to achieving excellence in research and innovation.

    Such infrastructures may be 'single-sited', 'virtual' or 'distributed'. Examples are biobanks, computer networks, databases in the humanities and even archaeological sites.


    2016 ESFRI Roadmap Update

    The European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) formally presented and launched its call for proposals for the 2016 Roadmap during a workshop on 25 September 2014. The new Roadmap will include a landscape analysis, a gap analysis, an academic outlook and a list of about 25 projects, with the rationale for their selection.

    FET goes beyond what is known!

    Dr Rasmus Ischebeck has always been fascinated by the miniaturisation of manufacturing technologies and by the possibilities of lasers. He is now proposing to build an accelerator based on dielectric structures driven by a laser beam, with the ultimate goal of designing a miniature accelerator for medical applications.

    SERI also has money for you for Horizon 2020!

    SMEs participating for the first time in a Horizon 2020 proposal that has been evaluated by the European Commission can receive a contribution of CHF 8,000. This amount is foreseen to cover part of the costs for the proposal preparation.


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