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    Innovative Medicines Initiative

    Joint Technology Initiative - IMI2

    The Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 (IMI2) is a Public-Private Partnership between the European Commission and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), and starts on 9th July 2014.
    IMI2 enters the 2nd phase with a budget of 3.3bio Euros and the ambitious goals of fast tracking the development of the next generation of medicines. Like IMI, it brings together companies, universities, public laboratories, innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), patient groups and regulators in collaborative projects that pave the way for breakthrough vaccines, medicines and treatments to tackle Europe’s growing health challenges, and secure the future international competitiveness of Europe’s pharmaceutical industry.

    IMI2 provides Europeans, including the increasing numbers of older people, with more efficient and effective medicines and treatments. In particular, IMI2 aims to deliver:

    • a 30% better success rate in clinical trials of priority medicines identified by the WHO;
    • clinical proof of concept in immunological, respiratory, neurological and neurodegenerative diseases in just five years;
    • new and approved diagnostic markers for four of these diseases and at least two new medicines which could either be new antibiotics or new therapies for Alzheimer’s disease;

    Scientific Disciplines

    • Life Sciences
    • Medicine & Pharmaceutics
    • Public Health
    • Biological Sciences
    • Measures & Standards

    Industrial Sectors

    • Human Health
    • Biostatistics
    • Care & Health Services
    • Clinical Research
    • Oncology
    • Diagnostics
    • Diseases
    • Gerontology / Geriatrics
    • Heart & Blood Circulation Illnesses
    • Neurology / Brain Research
    • Pharmaceuticals / Drugs
    • Biology / Biotechnology
    • Genome Research

    Main Target Audience

    • Universities / UAS
    • Research institutes
    • SMEs
    • Pharma Industry
    • Hospitals
    • Patient organisations
    • CROs

    Key Information

    Duration of the programme: 9th July 2014-2024
    Topics: all biomedical fields - medicines of the future
    Total budget: €3.276 billion
    Funding: the budget provided by the EU is for the public consortium, the other half is provided by EFPIA as in-kind contribution for the EFPIA members of the consortium
    Swiss eligibility: rules apply as for collaborative Horizon2020 proposals. For additional information visit the FAQ on Switzerland as 3rd country:
    FAQ on Swiss Industrialised Third Country Participation in Horizon 2020
    Calls for proposals: several calls per year expected. No call currently open. See here topics which are under consideration for inclusion in future calls for proposals.
    Rules for participation: For research and innovation actions (RIA) the consortium must comprise at least 3 legal entities (no EFPIA members but they may join later) located in an EU Member State or Horizon 2020 Associated Country. The consortium typically has approx. 20 partners (of which approx. 8 EFPIA members). For coordination and support actions the consortium must comprise at least 1 legal entity (no EFPIA member but they may join later) located in an EU Member State or Horizon 2020 Associated Country.