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    Governance and Democracy in Horizon 2020

    Upcoming Topics for 2019

    12-06-2018, 13:45–17:30 in Bern
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    This event discusses upcoming Horizon 2020 research opportunities in the fields of governance and democracy. The main focus is on collaborative projects within the Governance for the Future call of the Work Programme Societal Challenge 6 (Europe in a Changing World). Amongst others, the following issues are addressed:

    • Trust in governance
    • Differentiation in European governance
    • Enhancing social rights and EU citizenship
    • Delivering public goods and inclusive public services
    • Extremism in the Middle East and North Africa region
    • Cloud infrastructure of public administrations

    Target audience: Researchers from the Social Sciences and Humanities and other interested stakeholders.


    13:45–14:00 Welcome
    14:00–14:15 Collaborative Projects in Horizon 2020
    Dr Joël Graf - National Contatc Point - Euresearch Network Office
    14:15–15:00 How to Win a Horizon 2020 Project
    Prof Marco Giugni - University of Geneva
    15:00–15:15 Break
    15:15–15:40 Upcoming Topics on Governance and Democracy
    Dr Joël Graf - National Contatc Point - Euresearch Network Office
    15:40–16:20 The Evaluator's View
    Prof Reinhard Riedl - Bern University of Applied Sciences
    16:20–16:30 Wrap-up
    16:30–17:30 Networking Apéro


    Euresearch Network Office
    Effingerstrasse 19
    3008 Bern

    Meeting Room 1st Floor



    This workshop is free of charge but registration is compulsory.

    12-06-2018, 13:45–17:30 in Bern
    Deadline passed on

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    Contact Information / Organiser

    Euresearch Network Office
    Tel.: +41 31 380 60 00

    Field of Interest

    • Scientific Disciplines
      • Law
        • Economics
          • Macro Economics
            • Economic Policy
              • Micro Economics
                • Regional Economics
                • Social Sciences
                  • Communication & Media Science
                    • Education Science
                      • Human Geography
                        • Political Science
                          • Psychology
                            • Sociology & Social Work
                            • Humanities
                              • Theology & Philosophy
                                • History & Cultural Studies (Arts, Art History, Archeology, Ethnology)
                                  • Languages & Literatures