Ethics and Data Protection in Horizon 2020

Personal data provide great opportunities for European research and innovation. At the same time, there are considerable privacy risks. It is thus crucial to comply with ethical and legal standards.

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Horizon 2020: Final Call!

Save the Date: The aim of this information event is to inform all interested stakeholders about funding opportunities for the remaining years of Horizon 2020.

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Brexit Press Release

Given the increasing risk that the United Kingdom may leave the EU on 30 March without a deal, the EC has adopted a final set of contingency proposals.
The proposal enables the EU to be in a position, in a “no-deal” scenario, to honour its commitments and to continue making payments in 2019 to UK beneficiaries for contracts signed and decisions made before 30 March 2019, (...). This would help mitigate the significant impact of a “no-deal” scenario for a wide range of areas that receive EU funding, such as research, innovation or agriculture.

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