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    This page aims to give you an overview of the types of European funding most suitable for your discipline in relation to the Innovation Axis.

    Basic Research

    Horizon 2020 offers two programmes for basic research: the grants of the European Research Council (ERC), aiming at excellence, and Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions (MSCA), promoting mobility. Both programmes are open to researchers in Economics.

    Career Funding (ERC & MSCA)

    Research & Development for Societal Challenges

    Researchers and stakeholders in economy (from the public and the private sector) will probably find the largest number of interesting topics in the Societal Challenge 6: “Europe in a changing world: Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies”.

    Inclusive, Innovative & Reflective Societies

    Opportunities for SSH throughout Horizon 2020

    The holistic approach of Horizon 2020 aims to produce results that include as many different perspectives as possible. Economists, both from the private and public sector, are therefore also encouraged to add their point of view to projects answering to calls for proposals of any scientific domain.

    In practice, this means that topics with relevance for SSH researchers are embedded in every part of Horizon 2020. The European Commission has "flagged" those topics in Horizon 2020 calls that require the inclusion of SSH research. The network Net4Society regularly updates a list with these flagged topics:

    Opportunities for SSH researchers in Horizon 2020



    Cooperation for Innovation

    Facilitating cooperation activities in research and innovation is the key to bridging the gap between research and the market. Partners for various types of cooperation are available in the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) database. Below are a selection of partnering profiles related to this thematic. Further cooperation opportunities are published on the EEN Marketplace.

    Enterprise Europe Network

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