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    Do you need project partners? Then please find here the Calendar of all partnering/brokerage events organised by the Enterprise Europe Network.

    Partnering Events

    An efficient way to meet potential partners.

    Speed networking within a Partnering Event is an ideal way to source both technology and commercial partners. In pre-arranged face to face meetings, you will have the opportunity to meet and screen potential partners.

    Partner Search Platforms

    Do you want to complete your consortium or become a partner in a proposed project?

    One way to find suitable project partners is to search for profiles in partner databases or to register your own profile. Several platforms offer online partner search tools to facilitate networking and collaboration among universities, research organisations, SMEs and industry across Europe and around the world.

    Partners for Technology Offers/Requests

    The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) publishes an extensive number of technology profiles from international companies and R&D organisations to help identify suitable partners for bilateral business, innovation and technology co-operation.

    Personalised Technology e-Alerts

    Would you like to receive technology offers and requests in your industry?

    The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) has an online database designed to showcase business partners who are interested in various types of cooperation, whether it relates to commercial, technical or R&D activities. The database contains around 5000 Technology Offers and Requests from international companies and R&D organisations and is updated with new technology profiles on a weekly basis.


    Partnering/Brokerage Events

    Partner Search Platforms

    Personalised Technology e-Alert


    Partnering Platforms to Facilitate Networking and Collaboration


    Several thematic National Contact Points (NCP) Networks provide partner search facilities with details on partner profiles and active partnership requests from international organisations, companies and more.

    Your Contact for Innovation Support

    Innosuisse - Swiss Innovation Agency
    Einsteinstrasse 2, 3003 Bern

    Upcoming Events

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