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Systemic Solutions to Reaching Sustainable Development Goal 2

Eradicating hunger and malnutrition is one of the big challenges we face. The number of people suffering from hunger is on the rise again since 2015, reaching 690 million in the past year. In order to end hunger and feed a growing population in the future, sustainable food systems are essential.



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The power of global unity in association with European countries. That's the enormous potential of the next EU research & innovation programme "Horizon Europe". 

Join Horizon Europe, the next EU Research & Innovation Programme.

Horizon Results Platform – A Place Where Results Matter

There are many reasons why someone should join the new and improved Horizon Results Platform: it is an easy and free matchmaking tool and managed by you! Furthermore it reaches out to many audiences and triggers services and opportunities at no cost for you.

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10 DEC
Organiser: Euresearch Network Office
09 DEC
Organiser: Euresearch Office University of Bern
18 DEC
Organiser: Euresearch Bern / Rolf Klappert

Horizon Europe – the next EU research and innovation programme (2021-2027)


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