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  • Euresearch continues its consulting activities in its entirety by email or phone also after the Federal Council decision. For urgent cases, please contact our Euresearch Hotline 0848 499 499.
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New Horizons and Opportunities thanks to Career Funding

Prof. Sonia Seneviratne of ETH Zurich is an impressive scientist with a promising future! Her recently completed “DROUGHTHEAT” project, which yielded pioneering results on land-climate feedbacks controlling heatwaves and droughts, brings a new level of accuracy to models of future climate – and has also been a career changer for her.

Pathfinder is the new "Future and Emerging Technologies" Programme

The Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme in Horizon 2020 explores high-risk, novel technologies. In the upcoming European Research and Innovation Framework Programme, "Horizon Europe", things will be changing! FET will be renamed "Pathfinder" and it will be part of the European Innovation Council (EIC).

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