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    Funding by Domain

    What is the best funding for your domain?

    The types of funding below follow the innovation axis - research, development and production/market - so that you can find out which European programme is most appropriate for your domain of expertise.

    Basic Research

    Basic research means programmes where bottom-up projects and ideas are financed, that is, the topic of the research project is freely chosen by the applicant. The aim is to support a stream of world-class research, to ensure Europe's competitiveness.
    Research & Development for Societal Challenges

    Research and development for societal challenges means research projects addressing citizens' concerns in Europe and beyond. They cover activities from research to market, with a focus on innovation activities. These programmes are mainly top-down, meaning that the topic financed is chosen by the European Commission and indicated in Work Programmes.
    Research & Development for Industrial Challenges

    Research and development for industrial challenges means providing funding in order to make Europe a more attractive place to invest in research and innovation, and is business oriented.
    Cooperation for Innovation

    The Enterprise Europe Network can help you find innovative technologies and co-operation partners in your sector by searching a database of technology profiles containing thousands of offers and requests from companies and R&D institutions in Europe.


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