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    GTC of Euresearch

    I.    Parties, applicability and definitions

    These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of Euresearch govern the terms and conditions of the information and advice service on the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation provided by the Euresearch Network for its clients.

    The Euresearch Network consists of the Euresearch Network Office in Bern and the Euresearch Offices in the regions. The responsible body and therefore the contractual party is the Euresearch Association (CHE 112.128.191).

    Clients are all interested persons, applicants or recipients of subsidies in connection with the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

    By using the information and advice service, the client accepts the GTC of Euresearch in full.

    Any GTC of the client are excluded.

    II.    Costs

    The information and advice service can be used free of charge by clients from Switzerland or with ties to Switzerland.

    In exceptional cases, the Euresearch Network can charge a fee to cover its costs. The client will be notified in advance if such a fee is to be charged. The amount is payable within 30 days of the invoice date. The Euresearch Network can demand payment in advance from the client. The net price does not include taxes, duties or fees; these are charged separately.

    III.    Right to information and advice

    The Euresearch Network strives to provide as many clients as possible with access to the necessary information and sufficient advice. In the event of a heavy workload, the Euresearch Network is entitled not to provide some or all of this information and advice.

    IV.    Intellectual property

    Information and products of the Euresearch Network (presentations, compilations, analyses, methods, etc.) are intended for clients. They can be disclosed to others, provided that this disclosure is free of charge and the source is indicated clearly. Modifications or uses for any other purpose require the express consent of Euresearch.

    The commercial exploitation of information or products of the Euresearch Network is not permitted, even if they have been modified.

    V.    Data protection

    The Euresearch Network collects, processes and stores client data in so far as necessary for its activities. The data is not used for commercial purposes by the Euresearch Network or third parties.
    Client data encompasses all information (master data and activities) on natural persons and legal entitles that the Euresearch Network requires for its activities.

    The Euresearch Network is obliged to comply with the provisions of the relevant data protection legislation. Client data is treated as confidential and suitable measures have been implemented to protect them.

    The client can request access to the data stored about them at any time. The client can request the rectification, restriction of processing or erasure of the data or object to their processing. Contact:

    Subject: ‘Data Protection’
    Regina Schneider
    Belpstrasse 11
    3007 Bern, Switzerland
    Tel. +41 31 380 60 00

    The Euresearch Network is financed by the federal government. On request, the basic information (master data) of clients can be transmitted to the federal government as part of a Euresearch evaluation or for statistical purposes.

    Clients of the Euresearch Network should be aware that the data can be disclosed to IT service providers that render administrative services designed to optimise the IT tools of Euresearch on behalf of Euresearch. The Euresearch Network is obliged to carefully select, instruct and monitor these service providers.

    VI.    Other provisions

    Amendments to the GTC

    The Euresearch Network can modify the GTC and the information and advice service at any time. The latest version of the GTC shall be published in good time on the website of the Euresearch Network ( before it comes into effect. This electronic publication is legally binding.

    Publicly accessible data

    Publicly accessible data may be collected without the consent of the natural person or legal entity in question.

    Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

    Swiss law applies. The place of jurisdiction is Bern.

    Liability and limitation of liability

    The Euresearch Network can only be held liable if it has acted with intent or gross negligence. Otherwise, it rejects all liability in so far as legally permissible.

    The Euresearch Network cannot be held liable for illegal actions of the client or a third party (e.g. the unauthorised copying of content or the unauthorised disclosure of information).

    Severability clause

    If any of these provisions should be or become ineffective, this does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions.

    Last amended: 28 Sep 2018