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    Horizon 2020 Proposal Writing Training

    Training for Applicants to Calls with Pre-defined Topics

    19-11-2019, 09:30–16:30 in Bern
    Registration fee: free

    If you have identified a Horizon 2020 call-topic of interest and plan to get involved with writing a proposal to be submitted, or have submitted a stage-1 proposal and hopefully will be invited to submit a full proposal, this event is for you! You will get a thorough overview over the structure of a Horizon 2020 proposal, learn how proposals are evaluated and get the opportunity to immerse yourself in selected aspects that most applicants struggle with.

    The training focuses on call topics of the “competitive leadership” and “societal challenges” parts of the programme to which consortia apply. If you plan to apply to a call for individual researchers/organisations (e.g. ERC, MSCA, SME-Instrument), please attend a Euresearch trainings for such schemes.

    In case you're interested in participating in the training, but are not planning to be involved in a proposal to the upcoming/open calls, please get in touch with the organiser.


    09:30–11:15 Training part I: Welcome, evaluation & EXCELLENCE section
    Dr Judith Zbinden - NCP ERC and Climate - Euresearch Network Office
    11:15–12:15 Training part II: IMPACT section
    Dr Stefan Fischer - NCP Energy & SMEs - Euresearch Network Office
    12:15–14:45 Training part II: IMPACT section cont.
    Dr Stefan Fischer - NCP Energy & SMEs - Euresearch Network Office
    14:45–16:30 Training part III: IMPLEMENTATION section and experience reports
    Dr Judith Zbinden - NCP ERC and Climate - Euresearch Network Office


    Euresearch Network Office (NEW)
    Belpstrasse 11
    3007 Bern


    This workshop is free of charge but registration is compulsory.

    19-11-2019, 09:30–16:30 in Bern
    Registration fee: free

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    Contact Information / Organiser

    Euresearch Network Office / J. Zbinden
    Tel.: 031 380 60 16

    Field of Interest

    • Industrial Sectors
      • Electronics, IT & Telecomms
        • Industrial Manufacturing, Material & Transport
          • Design and Modelling / Prototypes
            • Industrial Manufacture
              • Process control and logistics
                • Plant Design and Maintenance
                  • Packaging / Handling
                    • Construction Technology
                      • Materials Technology
                        • Transport Infrastructure
                          • Transport and Shipping Technologies
                            • Aerospace Technology
                              • Traffic, mobility
                              • Other Industrial Technologies
                                • Other Industrial Technologies
                                  • Process Plant Engineering
                                    • Apparatus Engineering
                                      • Chemical Technology and Engineering
                                        • Textiles Technology
                                          • Footwear / Leather Technology
                                            • Sound Engineering/Technology
                                              • Mining Technologies
                                                • Printing
                                                  • Household Goods & Appliances
                                                  • Energy
                                                    • Energy storage and transport
                                                      • Energy production, transmission and conversion
                                                        • Fossil Energy Sources
                                                          • Nuclear Fission / Nuclear Fusion
                                                            • Renewable Sources of Energy
                                                              • Rational use of energy
                                                                • Other Energy Topics
                                                                  • Carbon capture and energy
                                                                    • Energy Efficiency
                                                                      • Biogas and anerobic digestion (AD)
                                                                      • Physical & Exact Sciences
                                                                        • Chemistry
                                                                          • Meteorology / Climatology
                                                                            • Physics
                                                                              • Separation Technologies
                                                                                • Micro- and Nanotechnology
                                                                                • Biological Sciences
                                                                                  • Medicine, Human Health
                                                                                    • Biology / Biotechnology
                                                                                      • Genome Research
                                                                                        • Micro- and Nanotechnology related to Biological sciences
                                                                                          • E-Health
                                                                                            • Industrial Biotechnology
                                                                                            • Agriculture & Marine Resources