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    ERC Grants for Excellence in Research – LAST CALL UNDER H2020

    25-06-2019, 12:00–13:30 in Genève
    Deadline passed on

    If you are looking for funding for yourself and your team for a 5 year cutting-edge fundamental research project in your domain, ERC Grants are your opportunity:

    • ERC Starting Grant (2-7 years after award of PhD)
      Call open: July 2019 - deadline: October 2019
    • ERC Consolidator Grants (7-12 years after award of PhD)
      Call open: October 2019 - deadline: February 2020

    You will hear about eligibility conditions, competitiveness criteria and the experience of a Grantee. You can get tips and expert advice.

    Questions about Advanced (deadline 29.08.2019) and Synergy Grant (deadline 5.11.2019) will also be dealt with. Please inform us in advance if you wish us to cover these types of grant at the event.




    12:00–12:05 Welcome
    Manuela Motta, Euresearch, Research Services UNIGE
    12:05–12:50 H2020 - ERC Starting and Consolidators Grants Calls 2020
    Katja Wirth, ERC National Contact Point, Euresearch HO Bern
    12:50–13:00 H2020 - 3 x ERC Grantee testimony
    Prof. Robbie Loewith, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Molecular Biology (UNIGE)
    13:00–13:15 Q&A
    13:15–13:25 DIFIN Support Services
    Alexandra Boulanger, Comptabilité centrale, Chargée des fonds européens
    13:25–13:30 Euresearch Support Services
    Manuela Motta & Roberta Faggian, Euresearch, Research Services UNIGE


    Uni Mail
    40, boulevard du Pont Arve
    1204 Genève


    This workshop is free of charge but registration is compulsory.

    25-06-2019, 12:00–13:30 in Genève
    Deadline passed on

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    Research Services UNIGE - Euresearch Geneva