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    Horizon 2020 Infoevent on COFUND of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)

    03-05-2019, 10:00–14:30 in Bern
    Registration fee: free

    The COFUND scheme aims at stimulating regional, national or international programmes to foster excellence in researchers' training, mobility and career development, spreading the best practices of Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions.

    This will be achieved by co-funding new or existing regional, national, and international programmes to open up to, and provide for, international, intersectoral and interdisciplinary research training, as well as transnational and cross-sectoral mobility of researchers at all stages of their career.

    Each proposal funded under the COFUND scheme shall have a sole participant that will be responsible for the availability of the necessary matching funds to execute the proposal.

    Participants submit multi-annual proposals for new or existing doctoral programmes or fellowship programmes (for researchers on a postdoctoral level) that may be run at regional, national or international level.

    This event is free of charge.


    10:00–10:15 Registration and Coffee
    10:15–10:30 Introduction to the MSCA
    Dr Sibylla Martinelli - NCP Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions - Euresearch Network Office
    10:30–11:30 COFUND objectives and implementation
    Dr. Alan Craig - European Commission, Research Executive Agency (REA)
    11:30–12:15 Experiences of a COFUND Coordinator
    12:15–12:30 Questions and Answers
    12:30–13:15 Lunch
    13:15–13:45 Experiences of a COFUND Fellow
    13:45–14:15 Insight into the COFUND Evaluation
    Dr Isabelle Spühler - NCP Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions - Euresearch Network Office
    14:15–14:30 Further Information and Euresearch Services


    Euresearch Network Office
    Effingerstrasse 19
    3008 Bern

    Meeting Room 1st Floor



    This workshop is free of charge but registration is compulsory.

    03-05-2019, 10:00–14:30 in Bern
    Registration fee: free

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    Contact Information / Organiser

    Euresearch Network Office / S. Martinelli
    Tel.: +41 (0)31 380 60 11

    Euresearch Network Office / I. Spühler
    Tel.: +41 (0)31 380 60 21

    More information

    The COFUND Call for proposals opens on 4 April 2019 and has a deadline on 26 September 2019.

    Field of Interest

    • Industrial Sectors
      • Electronics, IT & Telecomms
        • Industrial Manufacturing, Material & Transport
          • Other Industrial Technologies
            • Energy
              • Physical & Exact Sciences
                • Biological Sciences
                  • Agriculture & Marine Resources
                    • Agrofood Industry
                      • Measurements & Standards
                        • Protecting Man & Environment
                          • Social & Economics Concerns
                          • Scientific Disciplines
                            • Humanities
                              • Social Sciences
                                • Economics
                                  • Law
                                    • Exact & Natural Sciences
                                      • Life Sciences
                                        • Medicine & Pharmaceutics
                                          • Public Health
                                            • Technical & Applied Sciences
                                              • Interdisciplinary Sciences