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    Health Horizon Applicant Training

    Do you wish support in planning and writing your EU health Horizon proposal?

    23-08-2018, 09:45–16:00 in
    Deadline passed on 22.08.2018

    The event addresses applicants of Health Horizon 2020 proposals. At the time of the event, participants should already be familiar with the proposal template and the topic text in the Health work programme to which they are planning to submit a proposal.You will receive targeted information and advice to support you in the roles of task or work package leader, coordinator or partner in a project and learn what you need to consider when planning the proposal. You will learn how to write the proposal in order to answer to all three evaluation criteria. You will have the opportunity to book a time slot and discuss your project proposal bilaterally in the afternoon.

    This is not an information event. For basic information, please refer to the Health webinar that will be available from end of July onwards.
    The training is also targeted at "Food, Agriculture..." applicants (Societal challenge 2 of Horizon 2020).


    09:45–10:00 Coffee
    10:00–10:10 Welcome & Introduction
    10:10–10:45 Training Part 1: H2020 Societal Challenge 1 background, context, objectives, evaluation criteria and how to address them
    Dr Sasha Hugentobler - NCP Health and JRC - Euresearch Network Office
    10:45–11:00 H2020 Societal Challenge 2 Food, Agriculture & Biotechnology, Work programme 2018-2020: background, context, objectives
    Gerhard Gass - NCP Food and SMEs
    11:00–11:30 Training Part 2: The different parts of the proposal
    11:30–12:00 Preparation & evaluation of Health Horizon proposals – a view from the inside-Panel Discussion Evaluators & Coordinators
    12:00–12:45 Panel Discussion with experienced evaluators and coordinators:
    Konrade von Bremen, evaluator of Health Horizon proposals; Deana Moor, coordination MUSIC project; Anke Wixmerten, coordination Bio-Chip project.
    12:45–13:15 Lunch
    13:15–14:00 Admin, Legal, Ethics & Financial issues & Tips and tricks for writing a strong proposal
    Dr Eve Silfverberg - Grants Office / Euresearch University of Basel
    14:00–16:00 Bilateral Proposal Advice - Coffee & Tea


    Targeted Audience

    Applicants to the open Health Horizon calls.


    This workshop is free of charge but registration is compulsory.

    23-08-2018, 09:45–16:00 in
    Deadline passed on 22.08.2018

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    Contact Information / Organiser

    Euresearch Network Office / S. Hugentobler
    Tel.: +41 (0)31 380 60 06

    More information

    Programme and registration.

    Field of Interest

    • Industrial Sectors
      • Biological Sciences
        • Medicine, Human Health
          • Biostatistics, Epidemiology
            • Clinical Research, Trials
              • Cytology, Cancerology, Oncology
                • Dentistry / Odontology, Stomatology
                  • Diagnostics, Diagnosis
                    • Environmental Medicine, Social Medicine,Sports Medicine
                      • Gene - DNA Therapy
                        • Gerontology and Geriatrics
                          • Heart and blood circulation illnesses
                            • Medical Research
                              • Medical Technology / Biomedical Engineering
                                • Neurology, Brain Research
                                  • Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs
                                    • Physiology
                                      • Surgery
                                        • Virus, Virology/Antibiotics/Bacteriology
                                          • Physiotherapy, Orthopaedic Technology
                                            • Single Use Products and Consumer Goods
                                              • Medical Textiles
                                                • Medical Furniture
                                                  • Medical Biomaterials
                                                    • Stem cell Technologies
                                                      • Human vaccines
                                                        • Emergency medicine
                                                        • Biology / Biotechnology
                                                          • Biochemistry / Biophysics
                                                            • Cellular and Molecular Biology
                                                              • Genetic Engineering
                                                                • In vitro Testing, Trials
                                                                  • Microbiology
                                                                    • Toxicology
                                                                      • Enzyme Technology
                                                                        • Bionics
                                                                          • Synthetic Biology
                                                                            • Protein Engineering
                                                                            • Genome Research
                                                                              • Bioinformatics
                                                                                • Gene Expression, Proteom Research
                                                                                  • Population genetics
                                                                                  • E-Health
                                                                                    • Health information management
                                                                                      • Remote diagnostics
                                                                                        • Safety & systems
                                                                                          • Sensors & Wireless products
                                                                                      • Scientific Disciplines
                                                                                        • Medicine & Pharmaceutics
                                                                                          • Human Medicine
                                                                                            • Cancer
                                                                                              • Cardiovascular Disease
                                                                                                • Chronic & Rare Diseases
                                                                                                  • Diabetes & Obesity
                                                                                                    • Infectious Diseases
                                                                                                      • Mental Health
                                                                                                        • Neurosciences
                                                                                                        • Pharmacy
                                                                                                        • Public Health
                                                                                                          • Health Systems
                                                                                                            • Health Care
                                                                                                              • Nursing Sciences
                                                                                                                • Palliative Care