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    HORIZON 2020 for Social Sciences and Humanities

    Upcoming H2020 Topics and ERC Advanced Grant Insight and Getting-a-grant Lunch

    22-05-2018, 10:15–14:00 in Fribourg
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    10:30    Welcome

        Julian Randall, Head of the Research Promotion Service (SPR), University of Fribourg


        “Upcoming Horizon 2020 Opportunities in the Social Sciences and Humanities”

        Joël Graf, National Contact Point SSH, Euresearch, Bern




    11:30     Getting-a-grant Lunch - Open also to researchers not attending the sessions.

                  All presenters and SPR Team will be present. Share grant experiences, ask questions,

                  find collaborations and develop your ideas


    12:45     “How and why to submit an ERC Advanced Grant”

        Véronique Sordet, National Contact Point, Euresearch, Bern


        Support from Euresearch and the University of Fribourg

        Frédéric Pont, Research Project Mentor, University of Fribourg


        From "Veni, vidi, ludique" to "Locus Ludi". The Cultural Fabric of Play and Games in

        Classical Antiquity

        Prof. Véronique Dasen, Archeology, ERC Advanced Grant “Locus Ludi”


    13:45     Discussion


    14:00     Face-to-face meetings with V. Sordet and J. Graf (upon request)




    Service de la formation continue de Université de Fribourg
    Rue de Rome 6
    1700 Fribourg


    This workshop is free of charge but registration is compulsory.

    22-05-2018, 10:15–14:00 in Fribourg
    Deadline passed on

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    Contact Information / Organiser

    Euresearch Fribourg
    Tel.: +41 (0)26 300 73 32

    More information

    Local registration via this link.


    Field of Interest

    • European Programmes
      • Horizon 2020 (The Framework Programme for Research & Innovation)
        • Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation
          • Science with and for Society
            • Excellent Science
              • Societal Challenges
                • Inclusive, Innovative & Reflective Societies
                  • Secure Societies