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    Horizon 2020: From Basic Research to Novel Technologies and Materials

    EU Funding Opportunities for multi-disciplinary projects in ICT, Nanotechnology and related fields.

    07-07-2015, 14:30–18:00 in Basel
    Deadline passed on 07.07.2015

    Horizon 2020 is the research and innovation funding programme from the EU running from 2014-2020. This event will inform you about the funding schemes as well as successfully funded projects, in the areas of Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing (NMP), ICT and Future & Emerging Technologies (FET). 

    The Swiss National Contact Points (NCP) from Euresearch Head Office, will share their comprehensive expert knowledge and inform you about the topics and application process for future calls for proposals. Successful applicants will present their experience as EU-project participants and co-ordinators.

    Specific information required when submitting a strong proposal, such as the overall objectives of these programmes, evaluation criteria and partner search tools, together with the services that Euresearch offers to support your application will be included.

    This event is organized in collaboration with i-net innovation networks, the public innovation agency in Basel.




    14.30 Euresearch Regional Office Basel

    Session 1: Basic Research

    14.35 Horizon 2020: Future & Emerging Technologies
    Dr Francesco Kienzle - NCP ICT & FET - Euresearch Head Office

    15.10 Feedback from a successful applicant - Horizon 2020 Project RECORD-IT (Reservoir Computing with Real-time Data for future IT)
    Dr Michel Calame, University of Basel

    15:30 Refreshment Break

    Session 2: Applied Research

    16.00 Horizon 2020: NMP & ICT applied research topics
    Dr Marion Tobler - NCP NMP - Euresearch Head Office, Dr Francesco Kienzle - NCP ICT & FET - Euresearch Head Office

    16.30 Feedback from a successful co-ordinator, FP7 project LASSIE-FP7 (Large Area Solid State Intelligent Efficient luminaires)
    Dr. Rolando Ferrini, CSEM Muttenz

    17:00 Refreshment Break

    Session 3: Industry Oriented Topics

    17:15 Horizon 2020 for Industry: public private partnerships, PPPs and more
    Dr Marion Tobler - NCP NMP - Euresearch Head Office

    17:45 Even more support by i-net, the innovation agency in Basel
    Ralf Dümpelmann, i-net innovation networks

    Face-to-face Meetings

    If you wish to discuss concrete proposal plans with one of the Swiss National Contact Points, face-to-face meetings can be organised on the 7th July, prior to the event. If you would like to arrange a meeting with Francesco Kienzle (for ICT or FET idea checks) or Marion Tobler (for NMP idea checks) please contact Eve Silfverberg or Caroline Peneff at Regional Office Basel (


    Universitätsspital Basel - Restaurant "Centrino"
    UG / Sitzungszimmer 1/2
    Hebelstrasse 20
    4056 Basel


    Attention: The event does not take place in the conference building ZLF at Hebelstrasse 20 but in the lower floor of the restaurant CENTRINO in the garden.
    Please find details to the location here



    This workshop is free of charge but registration is compulsory.

    07-07-2015, 14:30–18:00 in Basel
    Deadline passed on 07.07.2015

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    Contact Information / Organiser

    Euresearch Basel
    Tel.: +41 (0) 61 207 1852

    More information

    We have divided this event into three separate sessions beginning with the open topic programmes which fund ground-breaking/basic research, followed after a short break by the topics for applied research projects and concluding the event  with a presentation of funding opportunities and public-private partnerships supporting projects with high technology readiness levels.

    For this event you are requested to register but please feel free to attend individual sessions.

    Field of Interest

    • Industrial Sectors
      • Social & Economics Concerns
        • Protecting Man & Environment
          • Measurements & Standards
            • Agrofood Industry
              • Agriculture & Marine Resources
                • Biological Sciences
                  • Physical & Exact Sciences
                    • Energy
                      • Other Industrial Technologies
                        • Industrial Manufacturing, Material & Transport
                          • Electronics, IT & Telecomms
                          • Scientific Disciplines
                            • Interdisciplinary Sciences
                              • Technical & Applied Sciences
                                • Public Health
                                  • Medicine & Pharmaceutics
                                    • Life Sciences
                                      • Exact & Natural Sciences
                                        • Law
                                          • Economics
                                            • Social Sciences
                                              • Humanities